Contact Lens Fitting/Exam

contact lensBefore a patient can be fit with contact lenses, a complete medical and refractive eye examination is necessary. This exam is critical to assure your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens wear and to rule out the possibility of any unsuspected, underlying condition that may prevent contact lens use.

The goal of contact lens fitting is to find the most appropriate contact lens for each patient’s optimal vision and comfort. Barnett Vision Clinic offers a wide variety of types, materials, sizes and colors of contact lenses. We are committed to taking the time and effort to ensure your contact lenses fit properly and comfortably. Although many patients will need only one fitting session, sometimes this process requires several appointments. All first time contact lens wearers must go through the contact lens fitting process. We will not finalize the contact lens prescription until both the patient and the doctor are satisfied with the fit and visual acuity of the contact lens.

We order the lenses right from our office and can price match almost any competitor price. Orders come in the next business day!! (must be ordered before 4pm and excludes lenses that are made to order)